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Welcome to A Brave New World…

Five years ago we didn’t have smartphones. Seven years ago we didn’t have Youtube. Nine years ago we didn’t have Facebook. Twenty years ago, no one used the internet to reach out to consumers.
Every year, our society moves at an accelerated rate towards connectivity. The old ways of doing business and interacting with customers are outdated, and potentially harmful in the 21st century.
Companies need to take a proactive approach to righting any percieved wrongs, thinking of creative ways to attract new customers, and responding quickly to their bosses: The consumer.
This blog is my way of writing about the very things I’m passionate about- social media, new marketing, and public relations in an ever-changing society.
We may not be sure what the next five, seven, nine, or even twenty years hold…but one’s things for certain: It’s a brave new world out there.

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