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About Stephen Graveman

Cardinals National

I’m currently a copwriter for Kobie Marketing in St. Petersburg, Florida, with experience in digital marketing, advertising, copywriting, social media analytics, graphic design, web design and public relations.

Over the last seven years I’ve built marketing departments from the ground up, created award winning for global brands, partnered with major league sports teams and organizations, developed and executed loyalty programs for premier brands and created exciting campaigns across digital, print and television mediums.

My work has been featured in publications like Adweek, Yahoo Business and Marketing Daily, led me to be featured in Forbes early in my career, and won 2 gold and 5 silver ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation Tampa Bay.

Before Kobie Marketing, I was the Brand Publicity Specialist for the National Car Rental Brand at Enterprise Holdings, Inc. There, I helped to create, pitch and execute the “Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life” campaign starring Patrick Warburton, as well as assist in the annual National Car Rental PGA Pro-Am Series with PGA star Keegan Bradley. I worked closely with our partners in the NFL, PGA and MLB, and was responsible for all National Car Rental content on digital platforms.

I believe that effective writing, honesty, and a genuine and consistent voice  are the most important things to have in the digital communications and public relations industry. I’ve always viewed social media as a tool to foster and strengthen genuine relationships with people, and to help them build customer loyalty. The industry has changed dramatically in just a few years, and I look forward to new advancements in the years to come.


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