Whoo-hoo! I’ve graduated!! ….Now what?

 First off, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. Life’s been a little chaotic with working full time and wrapping up my final semester in school.
Thankfully, I can officially say “my final semester in school”. Two weeks ago, I woke up very early on a Saturday morning, drug myself to a  huge arena, alternated standing and sitting in a five hour ceremony, and walked across the stage to collect my diploma.  The whole thing has been slightly surreal- as I stood there waiting to hear my name announced, I thought to myself “When you walk off this stage, you’ll have an alma mater and will officially be a graduate. Things will be different”.

Above: The big day!

And in many ways, things are different. Previously, I used college and the event of graduation as an excuse not to do anything rash.

“I wish I could move to the beach right now, but I have to finish school first”.

“I’d love to get a start on my career either in-house or at an agency, but I have to finish school first”.

“I should design a cool superhero costume and fight crime, but I have to finish school first”.


One thing I didn’t wait until graduation for- trying on the cap.

The list was endless- I valued my time at school, and couldn’t just throw it all away. So I put life ambitions at the finish line, waiting to finish what I’ve worked so hard at. Now that it’s finally come and gone, the world seems a lot more open. And I suddenly feel a bit more directionless.

Thankfully, I’ve spent the last few years working full time in various jobs. I opted for night school, so I could spend my days working full time in retail, then business-to-business sales, then working in both marketing and public relations for an eye clinic and an optometrist. The experience has been great- I could learn about something in school, then rush to work the next morning and implement it and watch the results.  Some ideas worked, and some didn’t, but it’s been a great learning experience.

So the question remains ( and it’s the question every relative and friend has been asking me for the past few weeks): What now? And to be honest, my future is a little fluid right now. I have firm goals in place, which I keep relatively close to my chest, but there’s several possible paths to reaching those goals. In the mean time, I look forward to having more time to spend on the blog, enjoying my first summer without having to worry about school, and hitting those goals. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have enough time to take up crime fighting.

4 comments on “Whoo-hoo! I’ve graduated!! ….Now what?

  1. Enjoyed reading your update! I can tell you have had influential writers to learn from.
    I loved the Superman picture, too.

    • Thank you Kim! And I can’t lie, I’ve learned a lot from my folks and my uncle! Thanks for reading though- and I’m glad you enjoyed the Superman picture! Maybe I should’ve done auditions for the next movie! 🙂

  2. Love this, Steve! Very cool. Congrats!

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